Nth di Mikrotik

27 03 2008

Example: nth=Every,Counter,Packet nth=2,3,0. 2,3,1 2,3,2

Divide all packets into groups of three (2+1). The packets will be numbered from 0 to 2. So, a sequence of packets the rule matches looks like: (0 1 2)(0 1 2)(0 1 2)(0 1 2)(0 1 2)

The first rule will match the first packet in each group (“Packet”=0). The second rule will match the second packet in each group (“Packet”=1) and so on. Each successful match increments the counter. When a value of “Every” is reached, the counter is reset to 0. For this to work, the “Counter” should be the same for all rules (you can pick any value from 0 to 15, IIRC).

Source: Mikrotik.Com




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