18 11 2007

Artist: Dewa
Album: Dewa 19

I guess she’s just afraid, I can tell it by lookin’ her eyes
That I am not, the kind of make it last
Forever, I know …

You ask me if I love you, sometimes I just want to hold you
In my arms, to make you feel in fine
From the fear as I can see …

Can you feel my heartbeat, trust me I’ll never let you go
I will take care of you all the way

Now.. I swear for our love
That I will not let you down
And.. I swear for our love
We belong together, nothing’s gonna do us apart
Now and forever.. Taste the way, I’ll dubbed inside your heart

Look up the stars in the sky, I wanna get it just for you
and fine it shine, to make our love comes stronger
And our dreams come true …




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