On The Breath Of An Angel

17 11 2007

Artist: Anggun

Wherever I go, whatever I see
Over oceans unknown, you are always with me
Pure as the water, we float on this wave
On the breath of an angel, I’ll fly away

At the ends of your fingers, I follow tonight
Caught in the lightning, of a thousand horizons
We dance for no reason, you hold on so tight
Lost in the feeling, of a wonderful ride

Di semua bahasa, semua warna
Kupahami kata, yang kau ukir indah
Nyanyi beku angin cairkan sengat surya
Di relung hatiku bernyanyi bidadari

I can hear every word, I see everywhere
Take me into your world, you can answer my prayers
Rivers of hours, where time is so rare
Hold me forever, say you’ll always be there




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