My Sensual Mind

17 11 2007

Artist: Anggun

Am I lucky? Merging, emerging
Was so lonely sometimes, completely inside
Am I living? Breath in, breath out
The fever rises from my feet to my eyes

Do I see you? So clear tonight
Slowly but sure, shadows crossing the wall
Where is my heart? Last time, this time
Someone set it on fire, I’d forgotten it all

Through the haze, ashes I have traced
Uncover me now, I’ll come clean as we chase

All those blue nights without your love
I’ve been too long with my imagination
You might have told me once
There’s nothing wrong with this infatuation
See what magic we find in my sensual mind

What’s your pleasure? Inside, outside
No one but me sendin’ sighs cross your back
Hidden treasures, soft slides and smiles
Feel your will going slack, you’re gonna crack now

Set it loose, it’s coming back to you
Been spending my nights dreaming my every move




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