Memory Of Your Shores, The

17 11 2007

Artist: Anggun

Smoke fills the sky, another day in a new town for me
I look for the light, under the clouds, beyond the concrete
Up here I hide
Watching the crowds move along down those grey streets,
I am lost here in my dreams all alone, I still …

Get back, in the memory of your shores
Left you there waiting, so long ago
Right here, in the memory of my home
Anticipating one day you’ll follow

Oh it’s been too long, since I could see the stars over head
We used to count them, shared all our pasions and swore not to tell
I hold them now and now I know where those stars fell
Days would fly by, when you were mine
Like these dreams I have known, I still …

One day you’ll follow
I’ll be here waiting for you




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